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• Carbon is mixed precisely by digital control system and it is provided with the function removing impurities from the carbon.
• Since high capacity of capillary air blowing system makes the product the condition of high temperature and dry, no change in film resistance value and no film deformation.
• Copper plate made by Korea’s first laser punching system provides the precise thickness and resistance value of carbon in printing the carbon.
• It guarantees your safety with the strong bonding power using the top quality laminating machine and technology.

It is fabricated by the precision technology under 1μ in process being featured with the emission of heat by the carbon by applying the carbon, a high resistor on PET. And it is made up of heat treated carbon thin film at the temperature of 160~200°C, and its cladding in PET is a special material with which nano technology is combined and it is laminated using specially manufactured laminating machine to avoid contacting with air, which provides excellent waterproofing effect and enables you to use it semi- permanently.

Stripe Type, M(T)-Series

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