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It is a sheet heating unit fabricated in 0.72mm thick by making the electrode of copper busbar on the edge of the product centered on the carbon compound heat-treated at the temperature of 140°C, and then by compressing several insulation materials (non- woven fabric + PE coating type) on the front and the back in a special sextuple structure to avoid contacting with air using the printing precision technology under 1μ. It is a new conceptual heating product which can produces the pleasant heat and far infrared rays throughout the sheet and can provide the health promotion effect just like old Ondolbang (Korean traditional floor heating system) if the electricity is supplied through the copper coated cables.

Plane Type, A-Series

• Differentiated “Masterpiece in Heating Film” applying Korea’s only and one non-woven fabric +PE coating type.
• Can solve the problems of voltage change, heat collecting, etc with the higher heat resistance ability (80°C) than strip type film.
• “Spatial heating” by radiant heat no requires extra heating equipment (e.g. stove, boiler).
• High emission of far infrared rays (88.8%) is helpful for your health.

    – First acquisition of Korea Institute of Construction Materials’ certified [Circle] mark
• Easy to install and semi-permanent at one time installation.
• Extra pipe or boiler room no required.

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